Caducy, e-health solution

Caducy is the first European system for measuring vital parameters contactless and operating with a simple camera.

Physiological variables measured

Heart rate (HR)

Respiratory rate (RR)

Heart rate variability (HRV)

Stress level


Caducy, a revolutionary tool

Caducy appears to be a revolutionnary solution for the e-health industry. During this worldwide sanitary crisis, this product will allow people

To respect social distancing

To avoid contact with the skin

To respect social distancing

To avoid contact with the skin

As a pioneer in « contactless solutions », i-Virtual aims to provide the world of telemedicine with the technological bricks that are missing for its full integration into new lifestyles.

Its product, Caducy,  is therefore of real interest to prevent, diagnose or to have a follow-up of chronic diseases by offering a simple solution, accessible to all and of medical grade accuracy.

An intuitive tool

The ease of operation of Caducy allows you to use it independently. 

Just sit back and relax

Take a selfie for about 30 seconds to a minute

Immediately check the results

What they say about i-Virtual

Luca Mollo / Country Medical Director & Chief Medical Officer

Improving the lives of patients and optimizing their care also requires rapid and reliable access to certain physiological measurements. i-Virtual with its digital innovation not only allows remote monitoring of patients but is also a solution to deal with the problem of access to care, particularly in medical deserts.

Victoria Pagnon / French IoT program coordinator

i-Virtual is a French innovative eHealth company that we had the pleasure to accompagny via the French IoT- Impact x Technology program for the year 2021/2022. We are delighted about this collaboration with the La Poste Group. The best is yet to come…

José Bastos / CEO

We are pleased to integrate Caducy into our solution for measuring vital signals before teleconsultations and in follow-up programs to produce valuable clinical data in order to improve medical diagnosis. As it is more convenient and easier than traditional measurement methods, we are able to improve compliance for the follow up of these measurements. It also enables us to achieve better care for critically ill and chronic patients through aggregated data and the ability to act preventively. By combining our strengths with Caducy, we have two unique solutions.

Dr. Edem Allado (M.D Ph.D) / Founder of Omeos

The medical device, Caducy, marks a break in the organization of care practice. By making it possible to concretely measure vital signs remotely (teleconsultation), this solution guarantees a quality of care for the patient, with or without a chronic pathology, equivalent to care in consultation. The clinical investigation carried out to secure Caducy’s access to the market has made it possible to highlight the performance of the device and to attest to its reliability in front of human variability.

Guillaume Fayolle / CEO

Developped by i-Virtual, Caducy facilitates the measurement and collection of multiple patient physiological parameters in a single operation, anywhere and anytime. It is, therefore, a valuable asset to assess the patient’s health status in case of sudden deterioration or on a routine basis.

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