Caducy, the future of healtchcare

Caducy is a medical device under certification for measuring physiological parameters contactless by a simple 30-second video selfie.

Just sit back and relax

Take a selfie for about 30 seconds to a minute.

Immediately check the results

How it works

Caducy innovation is based on the combination of the most advanced techniques.

Non-contact photoplethysmography and signal analysis allow the detection and collection of pulse waveforms. Processing of the pulse wave signal allows to deduce the instantaneous heart rate.

Caducy detects the movements of the rib cage and can calculate the breathing rate of a person through signal analysis algorithms applied to the area below the chin.

Oxygen saturation (SpO2) and blood pressure measurements can be extracted from the pulse wave signal using the latest artificial intelligence technology. The quality and quantity of the training data are thus the key to obtaining reliable measurements within the market standards.

Key advantages of Caducy

Our solution Caducy aims to make e-health easy and accessible for everyone while being green and cost saving.


Our easy to integrate Saas API is allowing platforms to add it in just a few hours. If some help is needed, our team is behind our customer to support them on every step of the integration. With Caducy, you don’t need any application, it works on a simple web page.

The key word of Caducy is respecting the patients’ data. Our solution doesn’t save any image used for the measurement. Concerning vitals, they are saved for historical purposes by being secured, encrypted and accessible only by account admins who are permitted. Caducy is fully committed to the privacy and security of our customers and users and operates in compliance with GDPR requirements.

A unique system in Europe

Caducy is the first european system for measuring vital parameters contactless and operating with a simple camera. Thanks to Caducy, telemedicine solutions can now offer vital signs assessment in real time and so iron out certain limits of their online services. This system can be used by any device with a camera (PC, smartphone, tablet).

This solution is the result of 7 years of Research and Development. Caducy is a precise and robust system. As a matter of fact, Caducy is composed of unique algorithms for stabilization, filtering and image processing developed by i-Virtual in order to make the system less sensitive to movements and fluctuations in lighting. Used by several physiology research laboratories, Caducy was the subject of a clinical trial on more than 1000 patients at the University Hospital of Nancy.

Years of research and development

Clinically followed patients

Measured variables

Physiological measured variables

Heart rate (HR)

Respiratory rate (RR)

Heart rate variability (HRV)

Stress level

And more to come...

To remember

Accurate non-contact measurement of vital signs

An accessible system by using a simple webcam or camera (PC, smartphone and tablet)

Robust against environmental disturbances


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