Multiple application formats and use cases

Adopt Caducy and be part of the future of healthcare. No additional equipment required and a better client experience granted!


Covid-19 disrupted healthcare, making telehealth the only way for patients to engage with a physician. Since then, telemedicine has earned its place in a Post-Pandemic world. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) is also on the rise. It has been proved that remotely gathering patient’s data improves medical follow-up, helping health care profesionnals to make better decisions.
Caducy helps telehealth actors to deliver value-based healthcare, adressing their needs, such as:
  • Gaining market share in a highly competitive market,
  • Delivering a high-quality patient experience,
  • Providing a user-friendly experience to drive adoption.
Caducy aims at helping those actors to add evidence-based value to their business.


Embrace the future of insurance with Caducy. Our innovative video-based technology will help you make better decisions at a more competitive cost.

 Thanks to Caducy, you will be able to:

  • Upgrade your wellness programs,
  • Adopt a preventive approach,
  • Reduce claims incentivizing healthy behaviors whilst preventing costs,
  • Create a digital, customized insurance experience thanks to real-time data.

Caducy’s benefits: Foster healthy behaviours among your customers, Increase customer retention, Boost your revenue.


After the pandemic, mental health and holistic wellbeing have proved to be crucial elements to guarantee a healthy life.

With Caducy, well-being solutions and programmes can add value with vital-sign monitoring.

Caducy’s benefits: Improve adherence, increase engagement, boost customer retention.

What Caducy allows

Avoid annoying wires

(bedridden patient)

Respect the social distancing

Avoid direct contact with skin

Avoid virus transmission

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