Multiple application formats and use cases

Caducy is available on all computer devices and phones with a camera, via a mobile application or directly integrated in white label in the form of a software library with API.


On the rise, telemedicine eases patients life and healthcare professionals, but it has limitations due to the lack of clinical examination. In addition to providing a solution to these platforms, the omnipresence of cameras and their integration into computer devices (PCs, smartphones, tablets, etc.) facilitate the use of Caducy while avoiding the purchase of medical equipment.

At home follow-up

Caducy helps the return of people who have had an outpatient operation to their home, or the follow up of elderly people at home. It has the advantages of not requiring any special equipment and of being intuitive: it is a simple and autonomous measurement of vital parameters. Once the measurement has been done, it can be sent to healthcare professionals.

Health centers

In health care facilities, vital parameters are measured by medical staff using devices with sensors in contact with the skin. In some situations, this type of “contact” device is complicated to install or use (severe burns, newborns, sterile rooms, certain surgeries, etc.).

What Caducy allows

Avoid annoying wires

(bedridden patient)

Respect the social distancing

Avoid direct contact with skin

Avoid virus transmission

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