Who are we ?

i-Virtual is a start-up specializing in the image and data processing for everyday health and well-being.

A passion: innovation

Originally, Professor Pruski whose research aims to help people with autism, joined forces with PhD Moussaoui, who is passionate about algorithms. The merging of their knowledge and expertise has made possible to develop an apprehending scenes mode of everyday life through virtual reality. Because they wanted to adapt these simulations to patient conditions, such as stressful situations, they decided to develop a non contact heart rate measurement tool: this is the genesis of Caducy.

Our specializations

Signal processing


Computer Vision


Artificial intelligence




A multidisciplinary team

The i-Virtual team is made of around ten employees. This team is made up of engineers in computer vision, in artificial intelligence and in quality. But also, researchers, PHD, developers, and a sales and marketing team under the responsibility of Gaël Constancin who took over the presidency of the company, in 2019.  

Pr Alain Pruski

Pr Alain Pruski

Scientific advisor

Associate Founder 
Professor at the university of Lorraine, he is specializes in cognitive simulation and the fusion of data from physiological sensors.
He directed the Laboratory of Automatics of Cooperative Systems (LACS) specializing in computer science, automation engineering, electronics and neuroscience, and admnistered the Federative Institute for Research on Technical Aids for People with disabilities (FIRTAPD).
PhD Abdelhak Moussaoui

PhD Abdelhak Moussaoui


Associate founder
PhD in automation engineering, he is an expert in algorithms, signal processeing and optimization. Researcher at the university of Lorraine, he has created several companies in France and abroad in the field of 3D.
Gaël Constancin

Gaël Constancin

President & CEO



Master engineer with a Master degree in Business Administration from IAE in Bordeaux, he is also passionate about new technologies.
Entrepreneur for 12 years, he founded and managed two companies (Kubenboa et Cognityk).

They support us

“PHYSIO’PLUS” is co-financed by European Union in the operational program FEDER-FSE Lorraine and Massif des Vosges 2014-2020 and is accompanied by the European Union‘s emblem.

PHYSIO’PLUS is a solution for measuring heart rate and its conversion into blood pressure value by artificial intelligence, all without contact, with a simple webcam and integrable in all teleconsultation and telemedicine solutions.

The first objective of PHYSIO’PLUS is to develop a technological brick certified as a medical device. The second objective is to successfully integrate it into a teleconsultation platform.

This project is financially supported by the European Union.

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